We love our clients. They put gold in our hands and bread on our table. When we worked for ad agencies years ago, we couldn't choose who we wrote for. As freelancers, however, we have the luxury of accepting only clients with good hearts, great minds and superior products.

Working with people we admire makes it a pleasure to do all we can for them - on and off the job.

So, though we've worked for nearly 1500 organisations over the years, you'll only find the finest here. Clients who are accessible, clear, consistent, decisive, fast-acting, flexible, intelligent, resolute and trusting. People who know how to have fun, tell the truth and reciprocate courtesy and respect.

We're big fans of the 'show, don't tell' concept. Instead of proclaiming how fabulous we are, we let our samples and testimonials speak. This way, you can look at our work, read what others say and decide for yourself if we're the team you seek.