The popularity of blogging has exploded and we’re in the thick of it. We started learning a few years ago and in 2009 partnered with MYOB to be chief contributor to myBRC’s flagship blog.

We’re now collating our blogging and other social media (Web 2.0) expertise in a free resource you can explore at leisure. Once you grasp the myriad practical uses of this new communication medium, we’ll happily get you going. We’ve even got a blog to optimise your writing!

We’re steadily acquiring more blogs, to which we contribute interesting, relevant real-world stories. Below are some of our guest posts on other sites.


We’re also conducting online social media experiments with fiction content. While this material has little to do with our business services, the lessons we learn will benefit our clients down the track.

Because we learn best by doing, we’ve even included the blog on which, for several years, we cut our teeth and made our mistakes. This site doesn’t represent the calibre of our work today. Yet it does show how we mastered blogging and Web 2.0 by doing it for real for a long time.

To receive a free, two-page PDF describing the reasons for, benefits of and costs related to blogging, click here.