Hourly rate

Because we deal in complex, high-level communications with many variables and imponderables, we don’t charge by the idea, word, headline, ad, page, document or project. Experience has proven this too risky for all concerned.

We charge by time: $130 (+10% GST in Australia) for every hour spent. This fee is higher than most sole traders, lower than most advertising agencies and slightly below our industry standard. To see what we can produce in an hour, click our Copy Product List.


Because writing is a subjective, nebulous and complicated affair, we’ve gone to great lengths to make our services objective, scientific and calculable. Rather than give you a single-figure quote, our best/worst case proposals clearly detail all project elements and cost them according to everything going right and everything going wrong.

This ensures no-one gets any nasty surprises. And by demystifying the creative process, we give you the option to save money by doing tasks yourself.

We’d much rather make $200 on a happy job than $2000 on a nightmare. We therefore list all the requirements for a best-case scenario to save your cash and our sanity. To see our proposals in action, click our book, brochure and webpage samples.


Because we work hard and fast and smart, we firmly believe we should be paid on time. We invoice fortnightly for all time spent, from briefing to invoicing. We only bill for the hours we actually spend. So, if your job turns out easier than expected, you get all the savings.

Our terms are 14 days. Payment is by electronic funds transfer (EFT). All work belongs to us until paid for in full. We list these terms in our proposals and we only accept clients who are happy to abide by them. We’d rather focus on your project than our cash flow.