If you’d rather focus on your main game and leave communication to the experts, we can take care of the entire writing, editing and proofreading process.

Should you need a poster instead of a radio ad, or an advertorial instead of a referral card, we’ll tell you straight so you don’t waste time, money and tears.

Starting from scratch? We can research and interview to generate data for credible communications that do all you want. Need something beyond our expertise? We’ll introduce you to the IT, art direction or media specialists we’ve partnered for years. We never lie about what we can do.


Brochures to sell products and services. Letters to entice top new clients. Websites with words your audience likes. Media releases to tell your news. Headlines, taglines, jingles, product names… we’ve done it all.

We’re also expert at writing ads for hard-to-fill roles, so you can find and keep the people you need to thrive. In so doing, we’ll slash your media spend, minimise your admin load and build your reputation.

The longer we work with you, the faster we get, as we learn your operation, audience and aims. And since we’re adept at writing for all media, we can encourage newspapers, magazines and websites to feature your content by submitting it the way they like it.


You may be good at writing but lack the time or inclination. We can edit your bullet points or draft documents into seamless, perfect UK, US or AUS English in double-quick time.

This is particularly useful for tenders, newsletters and case studies, which usually come from varied sources. By giving these communications one voice (yours!) we make it easy for decision makers to choose you above all others.

However dire or disparate your documents, we can transform them into lean, effective instruments. No more confusion, guesswork, deadline dramas, missed chances or broken promises. Just clear, correct communications that work.


Every communication builds or erodes your brand; there’s no middle ground. So from business card to invoice, it’s vital to get everything right. Flawed writing can ruin the best message, especially if you deal with educated people.

Mistakes can also trigger destructive legal problems, so it makes sense to ensure annual reports, policy manuals, job descriptions and employment contracts are all flawless.

Even if you’re a skilled writer, our fresh eyes and proven tools can spot missed errors and areas for improvement. We cross check all our own writing; why shouldn’t you?